The ex-husband of a former chairwoman for the Republican Party of Virginia has accused her attorney of perjury, misrepresentation and fraud. The man, himself a lawyer, accuses the attorney of wrongfully garnishing his income, making fraudulent claims in divorce court and knowingly violating court orders. The 68-page complaint submitted to the Winchester Circuit Court in Virginia also alleges that the woman's attorney acted in violation of the Fair Credit Reporting and Fair Debt Collections acts.

According to the complaint, the plaintiff claims that his former wife's legal representative has tried to have the man's wages garnished four times. Three of those attempts failed, he says. Although one filing remains active, the plaintiff claims it lacks sufficient legal basis. The man seeks $2 million in damages in the complaint, with the award going to compensate him for lost wages, incomes and legal expenses. The complaint names the attorney and the law firm which employs him.

The defendant represented the plaintiff's wife when the couple divorced in 2006, shortly after the woman ended her term as chairwoman for Virginia's Republican Party. Details of the case are not publicly available, as the woman's attorney submitted a request asking officials to seal the case. A Winchester Circuit Court judge granted the request in 2007. Reporters attempted to re-open the case, but were denied.

The plaintiff in the new complaint argues that his ex-wife's attorney violated the judge's 2007 order by releasing sealed case information to the public. The plaintiff also claims the attorney made false claims against him in 2010, accusing the defendant of perjury. The man claims the lawyer accused him of owing $300,000 in legal fees, as well as hiding the existence of an alleged overseas bank account used to purchase real estate. The Winchester Circuit Court rejected both claims.

Source:, "Attorney claims lawyer lied in divorce case," Alex Bridges, May 9, 2012