A licensed counselor with a history of dealing with substance abuse problems has added divorce recovery services to her repertoire, explaining that counseling has become an increasingly common sight in divorce cases. The counselor, who has herself undergone a difficult divorce, says counseling can be especially helpful for children who feel abandoned during their parents' divorce. She claims children are often still stressed when given the opportunity to regularly see each parent. "The transition, even in the best situations, is stressful just because it exists."

Many experts agree on the psychological impact of divorce, with counseling providing a solution to issues often raised by a couple's separation. Despite divorce's sometimes negative repercussions, especially on children; it is necessary for thousands of couples in Virginia and across the United States. For such individuals, divorce provides a much needed source of relief from the stress of an unhappy marriage.

The counselor operates her business in a state that began to require post-divorce therapy for former spouses and their children after a 2006 state Supreme Court decision. Although not all couples in the state follow the rule, the woman and her competitors say they have seen a drastic increase in clients since the rule was introduced.

The woman said it is important not to blame couples for the damage sometimes inflicted during their divorce, as it can be hard for them to look out for their children's best interests amidst the stress of divorce. She explained that individuals undergoing divorce frequently "get out of focus." She added, "Someone is hurt, grieving what was lost. The point of the class is not to forget your children while you're going through this."

Virginia residents going through divorce or planning to go through divorce are advised to contact a qualified family law attorney to represent them in court or settlement talks. Hiring a respected attorney ensures that such individuals can devote the proper time and resources to their children's well-being rather than worrying about troubling issues in their divorce, which are generally better left to professionals.

Source: The State Journal-Register, "Counseling gets growing role in divorce process," Natalie Morris, May 27, 2012