A Virginia judge has thrown out a $50 million lawsuit against Michaele Salahi and her boyfriend, rock musician Neal Schon. Tareq Salahi filed the claim against his wife and Schon after she left her husband. Tareq argued that Michaele embarrassed him by leaving him for Schon, also accusing Schon of harassing him via phone and text message.

Although it was Tareq that filed for divorce from his soon-to-be ex-wife, he claims that doing so harmed the "Salahi brand" and cost him a number of TV show offers and caused him "severe emotional pain." He also accused Michaele and Schnon of several other offenses.

Regardless of Salahi's claims, the case will not to go to trial, as it was recently dismissed by Virginia Circuit Court Judge, who referred to the lawsuit as "not legally sufficient."

Upon hearing news of the claim's dismissal, Michaele and Schon described feeling "a great sense of relief." Michaele said she was regretful about the development of the incident, but explained that both she and Tareq need to move forward with their lives.

For Michaele, doing so requires the finalization of her and Tareq's divorce. She estimated that the divorce could be completed in as soon as six months if both she and Tareq agree to it. "We don't have children, we just have the home to work through," she explained. She added, "I think it's really healthy for us both and I just want to be free."

Tareq and Michaele Salahi first made headlines in 2009 after allegedly intruding on a White House State Dinner. They later went on to be featured on a Bravo reality television series.

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