In the latest development of a long and increasingly bitter custody dispute between actress Halle Berry and ex-boyfriend and model Gabriel Aubry, a judge has ruled that the former couple will continue to share child custody of their 3-year-old daughter. While the decision marks a victory for Aubry, the arrangement could change after officials finishing investigating claims that Aubry pushed the nanny who cares for the child.

The couple currently shares joint legal custody of their daughter, but Berry had hoped to convince a judge to award her with full custody. In Virginia, and many other jurisdictions, courts often prefer to award shared custody when possible. Berry also asked the judge to issue an order prohibiting Aubry from visiting the child, but that request was denied.

Berry declined to comment on the ruling, as did Aubry. As he left the courtroom following the hearing, he told reporters, "This doesn't mean I'm not happy, but I'm going to put my sunglasses on now," and hurried away from the courtroom. According to one source, both Berry and her former boyfriend were told not to speak to reporters until officials can finish evaluating the allegations against Aubry.

Aubry has been accused of shoving the nanny employed to care for the child he shares with Berry. The nanny claims that Aubry violently pushed her while she was holding the child in her arms. She said that Aubry pushed her on another occasion and treated her poorly in general. Aubry's attorney stressed that his client would never endanger his daughter's safety.

Until the accusations can be fully investigated, Berry and Aubry will both continue to receive counseling and have agreed that their daughter should visit a therapist to help her deal with the stress of the dispute.

Source: New York Daily News, "Halle Berry's baby daddy Gabriel Aubry won't lose shared custody of 3-year-old," Nancy Dillon, Feb. 3, 2012